All you need to know…

Q. What is kids yoga all about?

A. It might be easier to start with what kids yoga is NOT about – kids yoga is not the same as adult yoga. Adult yoga is more about alignment, sequencing of moves, and the focus is on leaving the yogi in a calming and meditative state of mind. Kids yoga is more unstructured, “go with the flow” kind of approach, and focuses on leaving the young yogi happy, uplifted and energised.

Kids yoga is all about embracing the ‘inner child’, letting go and of course, having fun!

Q. What happens in a typical kids yoga or family yoga class?

A. Most of the elements are the same, the only thing that changes is the activity because everything must be age-appropriate for the children or the class. The elements are; a fun introduction, yoga poses, something fun, and quiet time.

Q. Do I or my child have to be barefoot in class? 

A. Ideally, we should do yoga with our bare feet as it helps to ground us during our practice however this is not always practical. Cold floors and cold feet is not a good idea so wearing socks is fine. You may find that for some poses held for a long time would be easier without socks but it’s completely up to you.

Q. What do I need to bring to one of your kids or family yoga classes?

A. You won’t need much as mats and refreshments will be provided but I do recommend coming along with the following…

  • Lots of energy
  • An open mind
  • Ready to support and encourage your child through the session
  • Ready to let go, have a laugh and have lots of fun!

Q. Do I have to get involved with my child during the classes?

It is highly recommended that adults get involved during FAMILY YOGA classes as these sessions have been planned specifically with both adult and child in mind. If your child is under 3yrs then you must be with your child at all times.

In kids yoga classes which is broken up into several age groups; tots, big kids, tweens and teens, it is not necessary to get involved as these sessions have been planned for the children so you do not need to stay in the class. However if you do decide to stay in the kids yoga class, you will need to participate. I highly recommend joining in with your child on their first kids yoga class.

Q. I’ve booked a block of kids yoga classes. Do I have to use it consecutively?

A. No, you can use your block class credits whenever you like but it must be within three months from the date of purchase. Any classes remaining after the three-month period will not be accepted, refunded or transferable.

Q. Do you offer birthday yoga parties or group bookings? 

Yes! Head over to my parties/groups page for more information or send me an email with your requirements and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. What if I have any other questions that haven’t been answered here? 

Easy! Just shoot me an email: mannyngoyoga@gmail.com or click on the contact page and use the contact form. I check my emails regularly so both ways of contacting me are just as fast as each other. I am to answer all my emails within 1-3 days.